Apple iMac Core i7 Unboxing!

From ordering online, to finally arriving at my humble abode, the entire process took about 3 weeks.  Since this was a Core i7 build, I had to order it off of the Apple website, as opposed to the instant-gratification local Apple store, but that’s ok.  Ordering online affords you other luxuries, such as customization!  Alas, I didn’t really customize that much, and opted for the standard 4 gigs of ram, plus auto-enrolled Apple Care.  I took advantage of the Black Friday $101 discount, and it was on like Donkey Kong.  3 weeks later, drop-shipped direct from Shanghai, and my iMac is finally here!  The internet has been aplomb with stories of controversy surrounding the initial deliveries of the Core i7 iMacs, so I was a bit nervous.  I nearly expected the iMac to arrive with a broken screen, or simply DOA.  As fate would have it, I got lucky:

Pictures courtesy of my 3G iPhone, which coincidentally has the worst camera ever invented (with exception of the Sidekick camera… holy shit nothing is worse than the Sidekick camera – any model!  The Game Boy camera is better than the Sidekick’s… but I digress).

The iMac comes packed with 4 simple foam corners which provide plenty of protection, but I suppose if you dropped it from 5 feet you might have some issues.  Mine didn’t exhibit any cosmetic problems, and no broken glass!  Guess I lucked out.  The foam corners slide right off the top (2 of them on the top, and 2 on the bottom, obviously), and from there you can pull the iMac right out (which is coated in both a plastic shielding, and a bit of foam paper, all of which is removed in about 30 seconds, quite easily).  The only other things in the box are the power cable (thank GOD this thing does NOT come with a power brick, like the Mac Minis do… just a simple power cable, mac-ified by Jonathan Ivy’s design team no doubt), and an elegantly designed box that holds the keyboard, mouse, and included software.  I was most impressed by the keyboard box… it’s one of those things that just exemplifies Apple more than anything else.  Elegant simplicity at its finest.  And of course there is the iMac…  You can actually watch Ivy get a boner on camera when he talks about it, but I gotta say… it is justified.

Plugged in the power, and crossed my fingers… it booted!  This thing rocks so far, and is blazing fast.  I’m finding the Magic Mouse (stupidest name ever) to be way better than I thought it would be, and it’s much easier to use at home on your desk, as opposed to demoing it at the Apple store.  I’ll keep you updated on any issues I find, but so far, so good!


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