The Space Bar monitor/iMac stand

Quirky has a lot of cool products that are community designed, refined, and put up for sale.  I buy a lot of their stuff, because (due to the collaborative nature) they usually come out being great products that fill a niche somewhere in my life.

I’ve spent some time helping products out (albeit not enough to ever earn credit as a product developer), and can honestly say they’ve got a good thing going over there at Quirky.

One of their latest product designs is The Space Bar, which I’ve already committed to purchasing when it’s made available.  It’s an aluminum stand (matches the iMac perfectly!) that will raise your monitor or iMac up a couple inches, while also providing USB ports on the front of it, in addition to a little cubby space for your keyboard to slide into.  I’ve been waiting for a product like this for a while now, and this matches my needs perfectly while also adding to (rather than detracting from) the clean futuristic look of my iMac and desk.

Once Quirky gets enough commitments for The Space Bar it will go on sale, and you can even get $20 off if you sign up for Quirky (it’s free) and take their Quirky survey.


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