3 things wrong with the iPad, and why you should wait for rev. 2.

Well it looks like we got the name right…. iPad it is.  Kind of stupid, but whatever.  It’s a good device, but hardly revolutionary, as Apple is claiming.  It’s a giant iPod Touch with a long battery life.  That in itself is a technological marvel, but not exactly a juggernaut device in the context of Apple’s product line and device history.  That being said, it’s a Revision 1 device.  The first of it’s kind (if you ignore the iPod Touch and more-capable iPhone).  Apple can’t cram too much in there, they have to see how this new hardware behaves out in the wild first.  So with that…

Here are 3 good reasons why you should wait for the next version:

  1. No SD Card slot.  Yes, of course you can get a stupid dongle so you can plug in your SD Card, but a dongle in the year 2010 is simply silly.  We got rid of dongles in the 90’s, Jobs!  If Apple wants you to tote around all your pictures with this thing, why wouldn’t they include some sort of removable storage media?  A dongle?  Really?  I think rev. 2 will have the SD Card slot built-in.  Wait for it.
  2. No USB port.  Again, we get the dongle treatment.  Apple wants you to connect a camera (or how about a printer?) to this thing via USB.  A lack of an internal camera is enough of a blunder (no video iChat on the “MAGICAL” iPad???), but requiring a dongle, a usb cable and an external camera just to take some pictures (or transfer photos) is cumbersome, stupid, and nobody will use it.  Even if Apple included a single USB port alone with no SD Card slot, we could at least use little flash drives to transfer stuff…  No dice.  Dumb.
  3. No multitasking.  Ouch Apple.  I mean really?  Imagine using Pages on this thing, then having to close it down, launch Safari, copy some text, close it down, re-open Pages (swiping through 3 pages of apps in the meantime, back and forth), repeat ad nauseam.  DUMB!!!!!!!!!!  Jonathan Ive, listen up:  There is nothing “magical” about devices that can’t do 2 things at once, no matter how pretty they are.

There are plenty of other things we can pick on… like screen resolution (still too low for book apps, I think), but doing touch on higher-resolution screens is a really tricky thing.  The touch sensitivity has to scale with the resolution of the screen, which is no small task and it would really require a stylus for the artistic apps, etc. I don’t blame them for going lower res with the iPad initially, but in the next version, upping the resolution and making a capacitive stylus for artists would be nice.

But I digress… back to the 3 points above: those are the major faults.  Half of the uses they outlined in the announcement center around photos, iWork, the ePub format for books, etc. – all of which could have greatly benefited from some kind of built-in swappable storage that can interface to other computers.  In a media-centric device like the iPad, some kind of built-in port is necessary.  No dumb dongles.  Don’t make me carry extra shit just so I can use your device like a normal human expects to in the year 2010.  We should be frolicking on the surface of Mars by now, but instead we are carrying around dongles.

An SD Card slot would be a no-brainer, with a USB port in close second.  Instead, we get dongles.  And no multitasking.  With that, there is literally nothing that differentiates this from an iPhone other than a larger screen, and a lack of camera.  In fact… the iPad is really just a giant iPod Touch.



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