The dumbest iPad accessory?

Dongles are horrifyingly stupid.  But even those aren’t as dumb and unnecessary as this iPad accessory:

The Keyboard Dock for iPad.  Stupid.
The Keyboard Dock for iPad. Stupid.

Yes, it is the keyboard dock for the iPad.  Why is this the dumbest peripheral ever?  Because the iPad supports Bluetooth technology… and Apple makes Bluetooth keyboards that look EXACTLY like the one used for this dock.  So why not just buy Apple’s own Bluetooth Keyboard rather than this ridiculous waste of space (with limited use)?

Yes, we all know the reason.  Money!!!  But still, this particular accessory is an especially egregious attempt to swindle customers.  Some might say, “But you need something to prop up the iPad while you are typing, so why not have this thing?”  Well, there is the normal dock for that… as well as the iPad case you can buy (both of which serve additional purposes, and/or take up less space).  Both would accomplish the goal of propping up the iPad safely, with the added benefit of NOT locking you into a fixed viewing angle, orientation, and distance for typing!!!

Want to prop your feet up on the desk as you type on your iPad dock keyboard?  Well you better take some extra yoga classes, because you are stuck with this fixed-angle, immovable keyboard dock.  Maybe you could balance this entire contraption on your lap?  Oh… then the angle of the iPad itself would be off.  LAME.

Imagine being able to have the iPad on your desk, charging in its dock, while you are typing with your keyboard from your lap, or maybe just a couple feet away so you could have some papers in front of you while you use the fancy new Pages iPad app.  Then when you were done, you put the keyboard in a drawer somewhere, and the iPad resumes its role as a nice photo frame, without cluttering your desk.  Do yourself a favor and opt for the bluetooth keyboard.

This is definitely Apple’s dumbest and most unnecessary accessory ever.  Besides dongles, of course.  What assholes.


3 thoughts on “The dumbest iPad accessory?

  1. funny, I didn’t think of this. But you’re right. For that matter, why can’t they activate the keyboard for the iPhone? iPhone has bluetooth. I don’t think Apple thought the iPad out as much as they did their other products. Seems like a rush to market to compete with the Kindle. My 2 cents

  2. You are wrong. iPad does support bluetooth keyboards. It’s up to you to choose if you want keyboard or dock-keyboard. I for myself would prefer the docking one, if only because I won’t need to keep two accesories at hand – dock and keyboard, because one without another is really useless.

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