How long until we…

How long will it be before we have computers with no concept of RAM memory (as we know it today)?  Hard disk drives have long been the bottleneck crippling the speed of modern computing.  The rise of the Solid State Disk drive is slowly tackling that problem, and the spinning-platter-based hard disk will likely disappear as a mainstream storage solution in two years.

So where does that leave us?  As SSDs get faster and faster read/write times, it makes sense that we utilize these storage units for logical system memory, in addition to file storage – in effect, combining memory and disk space into a single unit, accessed directly from the CPU and GPU (despite what AMD is trying, I feel the cpu/gpu will always be better off separated, for optimal performance and upgradeability).  AMD and Intel have already worked to eliminate the northbridge… it’s only a matter of time before they’ll need to eliminate the bridge to the south as well.

The question is…. how long do we have to wait for this advancement?  5 years?  10?  We shall see…


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