Get the Zune Mini-Player back in Windows 7

If you installed the Zune sotware on Windows 7, and you are now missing the mini player that used to appear when you minimized the Zune software, don’t worry, you can get it back!

By default, minimizing the Zune software in Windows 7 results in a jump list interface that allows you to control your music playback.  Unfortunately, this also means that the Zune software is going to be sitting in your taskbar permanently, and not hidden away towards the tray icons like it used to be under Vista or XP.

If you like the new jump list interface, awesome, but if not, here is how to get back the mini player:

  1. Right-click on the start button, or blank area of the taskbar itself and hit ‘Properties’
  2. Click on the ‘Toolbars’ tab
  3. Check the box labeled ‘Zune’ as showed in the image below:

Get your Zune mini-player back!Hit ‘OK’ and you are all set.  The next time you minimize your Zune software, the mini-player will appear on the right side near your tray icons, and it will hide the taskbar icon!



One thought on “Get the Zune Mini-Player back in Windows 7

  1. This was extremely useful to me, I had lamented losing the miniplayer since I upgraded my OS, and am glad to have it back

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