Microsoft, please fix this annoyance with the Zune!

Every now and then, you go to play or sync a song in your Zune library (acquired with the Zune Pass) and you get this annoying message, or something similar:

Stupid Zune Tricks.
Not again...

Dammit.  Not again!!!  Yes, I am already signed in, etc.  This is not user error.  The digital rights changed on the tracks, and these specific songs are no longer available in the Zune Marketplace… or maybe they are (more on that later).

There are variations of this message that don’t even allow you to listen to the track, etc.  Quite annoying.

Now, I know why it happens.  Labels change… digital rights change… contracts are renegotiated,  yadda yadda yadda – NONE of this is important to me, Joe Consumer.  I just want to listen to the fricken music I downloaded.

If the music isn’t available anymore, and the contract was so piss-poor that I now don’t even have listening rights anymore, then fine.  I’m cool with that.  These scenarios happen, but it’s infrequent enough that I can roll with the punches.  But at least offer to delete the crap from my library for me. I have a hard enough time juggling which tracks to put on my limited-capacity Zune.  I don’t want to do a spring-cleaning shuffle every time I try to sync my music!  Just get rid of it for me, and tell me what is going to be missing.  Or at least just give me that option!

Here’s the real rub:  Most of the time, the music is still available!!  It has just switched labels, or or perhaps it’s available as a re-release.  This is the real annoyance for Zune Pass subscribers.  Now I have to manually delete this album that is no longer good, and go and find it again and re-download the exact same music all over again.

Seriously, WTF is that?  Microsoft, please have the Zune software try to auto-replace albums that have lost sync/playback rights.  PLEASE?!

Thanks.  I’ll love you forever if you do this.


One thought on “Microsoft, please fix this annoyance with the Zune!

  1. I’m a Zune MVP and I came across your post. It’s a great idea that the user have more control over media when they run into issues like this. Auto-replace is definitely a cool thought. Right now one of the right-click menu choices is finding the album in the Marketplace.

    It would seem that current solution is to find a new version (if available) and download that. Then go to the artist and delete the bad version. Tedious, yes! 🙂

    Your auto-replace is definitely something I could support. If you have other ideas for Zune improvements, feel free to keep voicing them.

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