The iPhone/Windows 7 mobile multitasking anti-argument.

Gizmodo had a nice post today expressing what everybody is thinking in regards to Windows 7 mobile and multitasking/cut-and-paste.  That article perfectly sums up my thoughts on the situation, but I also wanted to present a counter-argument to the rather stupid rationalizations that both Microsoft and Apple have used to justify their actions.

In a nutshell, both Microsoft and Apple have stated that their users cannot be trusted enough to use multitasking properly, and would likely wind up draining their battery faster than a spiked punch bowl at an AA meeting.  While I understand this is likely a maneuver to prevent unflattering statistics and customer service headaches, it is also the equivalent of slapping us consumers in the face with a cold fish.  Are we really so stupid as to not be trusted with power management?

We are trusted enough to drive cars that weigh thousands of pounds down highways going speeds that are fast enough to kill any human being that exists in the world (well maybe not Chuck Norris?), but when it comes to multitasking… WHOAH, SLOW DOWN, CHARLIE!

Give me a break guys… pull your heads out of your asses at least give us the option!  Have a little faith in your users!  If I have to get a license at the Department of Multitasking, I’ll gladly take the test…


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