Twitter is becoming a spam haven.

I’d say about 85% of the people that request to follow me on Twitter are spam accounts.  I define a spam account as anybody who is trying to use twitter solely to make money, or drive traffic.  You know the ones… they have maybe 100 tweets at most (with 90% of them linking to the same bullshit website), yet are following 5000 people, and their own list of 500 followers consists of other like-minded spammy accounts.  I’t just annoying.  It’s like a big spam circle-jerk, and now you’re invited!

I’d be interesting in seeing the results of a study on the amount of spam traffic Twitter serves.  It must be astronomical.

Here’s a tip.  If somebody requests to follow you on Twitter, and they themselves are following over 500 other people,  chances are it’s a spam account (unless they are famous in some fashion, or it’s a corporate account, etc.).  At the very least it’s somebody who’s not going to read your tweets (after all, who can reasonably keep up with 500 people, even if each of those people only tweeted once a week??).

So ask yourself:  Do you really want somebody following you who isn’t really following you?

I’d rather have 3 real followers, than 500 fake ones.  There is enough noise on the internet as it is… don’t encourage more of it!


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