Apple needs to let us upload 720p video from the iPhone 4 when we’re on WiFi.

When you record a video with your shiny new iPhone 4, or compose a movie in the new iMovie app for the iPhone, it gives you the option to upload the video directly to YouTube.

This is an awesome way to ‘backup’ your videos while you are on the go, and more importantly it’s a great way to share videos quickly with your friends without having to resort to sending really crappy MMS messages to each of them.

When you are on 3G coverage, the iPhone (perhaps rightfully) compresses the video into a smaller (and crappier) size and quality so that the video uploads quickly and you don’t spend your entire day (and battery) uploading a clip of your cat to YouTube.  This is cool and acceptable, but what is unacceptable is the fact that it still does this even if you are on WiFi.  This is lame!  In order to upload high quality 720p videos in all their glory, you first have to connect your iPhone to your computer, then offload the video, then log in to YouTube and manually upload the video from your computer.

This sucks!  I understand the restriction on 3G, but over WiFi this rule makes no sense.  Apple:  please allow us to upload unaltered 720p video from our iPhones if we are on WiFi!  Why make us jump through hoops for nothing???



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