Apple’s iPhone Antenna Press Conference – Ignoring the facts.

Apple… You don’t have to death grip the phone.  You just have to touch it.  Stop saying that ALL PHONES have this issue, when clearly they don’t.  You guys are looking pathetic.


See that?  No death grip.  Just bridging the antennas causes it!  The whole misindirection with the giant blue rooms were the biggest punch in the face.  “No problem here… CHECK OUT THIS BADASS PHONE LAIR WE BUILT!!!  WE COULD STORE MAGNETO IN THIS BITCH!”

And comparing return rates (to that of the 3GS) is hardly a measurement of the problem itself.  If anything, it’s more a testament to how faithful your customers are in that you will provide them with a solution to a widespread problem.  Expect returns/complaints to go WAY UP after this press conference.  You asked for it.

Steve Jobs arrogance at its finest.  Dumb.  Either that, or they know admitting to a faulty design will lead to a recall (and lower stock price).  Smart.

Either way, we are kind of screwed until they give us free cases.

Check back to see if my ‘free bumpers’ prediction comes true!  Edit – It did!  Cool.  I guess.


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