Sony misses the boat (again).

Sony (once again) has proven they do not understand the competition, and often times their own customers.  Choosing instead to alienate an entire segment of the gaming market, Sony’s latest website advertisement portal focuses on differentiating themselves from the competition…  although not so much through demonstrating value, but rather resorting to schoolyard taunting.

The whole point of Microsoft’s Kinect is to experience a new way of gaming.  A new experience on a gaming system that is not traditional in any contemporary gaming sense of the word.  Dancing, jumping, and interacting with others – completely free from the constraint of controllers.  Sony simply does not understand the value of this at all, and that’s a shame.  I do see the strengths in Sony’s offering, but their experience is more akin to an advanced Wii, and nothing like what Kinect will be.  An evolution, rather than an innovation.  Obviously Sony recognizes this too… it’s just too bad they are so bitter about it.


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