Stop eulogizing Steve Jobs.

I’m going to miss CEO Steve as much as the next guy, but what’s been happening in the news recently is a bit out of control.  If this were ANY other CEO, it would not get this much attention.

Of course, we all know Steve Jobs isn’t just any other CEO.  He is the CEO.  He took a company that Michael Dell would have shut down and turned it into the largest corporation ever known to mankind.  So yeah, Steve deserves a little attention… but the attention he is getting disturbs me.

Ask yourself, if Steve Jobs’s health was never in question, would he still be getting the kind of press he is getting today?  Definitely not.  And to be honest, this makes me sad.  I’ve been reading article after article about Jobs’s decision to step down, and I have to re-read most of them to make sure they don’t include funeral plans at the end.  The world’s greatest CEO deserves some attention for stepping down, but let’s stop eulogizing him.

Steve isn’t dead.


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