Steve Jobs

He made the Apple I/II.

He made Pixar.

He changed the music industry and popularized the portable music player.

He revolutionized the cell phone industry.

He created the tablet industry.

He managed a company that went from near bankruptcy to the largest corporation in the history of mankind.

Even if you adjust for inflation, Jobs created bigger industries and capital larger than any industrialist before him, save for potentially the Rockefellers, but that is more due to land value, not industry.

People can hate all they want, but facts are facts.  There is no such thing as the solo inventor anymore (arguably, there never was) – only incremental evolution that eventually is done right and combined into a product that changes or creates an industry.  Automobiles existed in various forms before Ford came along.  Had Edison not usurped Tesla, the history books would be crediting the latter with the birth of the modern electrical age.   The Wright brothers emerged from obscurity just ahead of their competition…. if they had waited a bit longer, history would have never heard of them.

Jobs had a better track record than all of these guys combined, save for possibly Benjamin Franklin.  He had vision, and he knew how to assemble the right team to execute it.  It isn’t just marketing.  Something must eventually be behind the marketing, and Jobs always backed it up.

If you think the smartphone that is sitting next to you isn’t as significant as flight, you really need to re-evaluate your critical thinking.  Try using the internet that is in your pocket for inspiration.



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